Judith DesBrisay      
contemporary artist

Artist's Biography

I am a retired Canadian nurse, educator, experienced traveller, and visual artist. My partner and I divide precious time between our environmentally friendly home at a remote wilderness setting in central British Columbia (B.C.) and my quiet art studio in Quesnel, B.C. Art making is a process through which I explore, record, and share my fascination with the reciprocity between person and place.

Observations made while living, working, and traveling extensively in North and South America (including four wide-ranging explorations of Canada’s High Arctic/Nunavut, Greenland and Antarctica) are portrayed in diverse art works. In every situation, my awareness has grown concerning the interrelationship of persons with their natural settings, often manifested through cultural undertakings including art making. My concerns about and collaborative actions relevant to the impacts of climate change are growing.

Diploma studies at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver, B.C. served to focus and further my artistic explorations. I create large drawings using various materials, paintings using watercolour, acrylic, and oil paints and collaged/mixed media works. Increasingly impressionistic, my recent works invite viewers to ponder, to re-imagine the forms, to make each piece their own.  

My art works are exhibited in private and public galleries in Canada and Chile. My exhibition history scans twenty-five years with creative presentations in twenty-four solo exhibits and over ninety group exhibits to date. Selected works are included in Canadian and Chilean permanent art collections. A selection of my paintings is on display at the Quesnel Arts and Recreational Centre Art Gallery, British Columbia. 

                                                                   Judith with Transformation             


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